Our organization supports all of the La Center schools with various volunteer help and fund-raising in
order to give students excellent and rewarding music experiences at all grades. To do this, we need a
lot of volunteer support.

How Can I Help?

1.  Encourage your student to stay involved in music, practice, and even take lessons when possible!

2.  Support all of our music directors. If you have questions and concerns, talk to them personally. Make an
appointment so that you both have the ability to be attentive to needs. Don't spread misinformation or rumors
and keep up on district calendar events. Remember to communicate your positive reactions to our music
programs as well! If you've seen improvement in your child, witnessed a great concert, or just enjoyed a
particular song...tell them!

3.  Volunteer some time to the music association! There are many jobs that take only a few hours of time,
some that can be done over the phone or at home, others require a few hours per week or large amounts of
time for a few days.
If you have a particular talent or interest, let us know !  
You may be exactly what we need!

Below is a list of our present volunteer needs:

Volunteers would work about 4 hours from approximately 5pm - 9pm at home games for volleyball,
Tasks include cooking popcorn, making hot dogs, making change, counting money, and clean up.  
Concession money  goes to the ASB music fund and allows the band to go to the district and state games,
as well as festival trips. Please contact Mr. Cameron directly if you would like to volunteer to work in the

Bazaar volunteers
There are a variety of jobs connected with the Christmas Bazaar.  You can work in the kitchen, help
set-up, clean-up and assist vendors load and unload.

We are very grateful for all the volunteer hours that have been given to the Music Association.  You
are a fantastic group of people that are generous and fun to work with!  THANK-YOU!  We look
forward to another great year.
If you would like to volunteer for any of these positions, or want more information, please contact a
board member.