Help Wanted

La Center Music Association

Dear Parents,

LISTEN TO THE SOUNDS OF MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOL!!  We are so lucky to have such
wonderful teachers in La Center.  They provide our children with the best music instruction
around. In these lean times, the teachers need our support to maintain La Center’s long standing
tradition of great music programs.
The music association is a group of volunteers that organize activities/fundraising to provide
students and teachers with the tools they need to succeed.  We take donations at all the
performances, run the holiday bazaar, give scholarships to middle and high school students to get
lessons, help with the High School fund-raisers for their trip, and provide scholarships to students
going to college.   All of these activities take many hours, but the payoff is great. The STUDENTS
get to have music instruction with the tools they need at school.
If everyone with a student in music gives 2-3 hours over the course of 12 years of school, the work
will be light!!!!
This year we are starting a new fundraiser, a donation jar.  Sometimes people truly cannot
volunteer their time or feel that they want to give the teachers something, but don’t know what to
get. The teachers and music association do not want to charge admission to the events.  We are
going to put the donation jar out at all of the concerts and let people decide when and what amount
they want to donate.
With your help, La Center will continue our great tradition of excellent music programs!!!, email your availability to or give to a teacher.
Please clip and return to a music teacher
(Check as many boxes as you want to)
I will:
        Take donations at music programs (see the website for dates)
        Help Friday night, Nov. 30th with setup at the Holiday Bazaar
        Help Dec. 1st  at the Holiday Bazaar
        Help choose middle school and high school scholarship recipients (spring)
        Join the board and come to meetings
        Donate to the donation jar at events
        Suggestions/Other_____________________________________________________________
Name:  ______________________________________    Student name(s) _________________________
Email:   _______________________________/phone#_________________ Grade(s) _______________
Please provide your email, phone number, student name and grade.  We will send out various
emails through the year regarding the above events.  Thank you so much for your time!!!